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What’s next for bund yields?

17th April 2019

Bund yields (and bond yields in general) have defied bond bears for many years, and this year has seen more of the same: in March, 10-year bund yields reached lows of around -0.08%. There seems to be a consensus that Bunds are fundamentally... Continue reading

Graphic content; Markets are pricing in an end to currency wars. We’re not so sure.

16th April 2019

Rates and Foreign Exchange (FX) markets have recently taken a divergent view on the global economic outlook. While the... Continue reading

Graphic content; Italy continues to trade cheap to other Eurozone assets

28th March 2019

We last wrote about Italian sovereign bonds in October 2018, when we highlighted that the market was overreacting to... Continue reading

Graphic content; What’s driving the risk rally? Central Banks

28th February 2019

Financial markets in December shocked many investors; the S&P 500, a bellwether for global stock markets, fell around 9%,... Continue reading

Graphic content – January; Explaining Eurozone weakness

29th January 2019

January’s chart of the month comes from Credit Suisse. We’ve written before back in October 2017 about how a... Continue reading

Graphic Content – December; Real M1 don’t lie

19th December 2018

Never mind chart of the month, more like chart of the year. Back in June we flagged that global... Continue reading

Graphic content – November; US Data Seasonality

29th November 2018

US data, very unusually for this time of year, is coming in below expectations Back in August 2017, I... Continue reading