Video: Central banks in the driving seat

8th December 2015

Franck Dixmier, Global Head of Fixed Income at Allianz Global Investors, shares his views about the upcoming fixed income trends. While the US... Continue reading

ECB: the force awakens

1st December 2015

US and European central banks have maintained a firm hold over financial market trends, by once again keeping investors on tenterhooks until their... Continue reading

Seatbelts fastened for Volatility 2.0

30th November 2015

The declining liquidity in the bond markets has been a hot topic for a few years, creating air pockets and making prices vanish... Continue reading

UK house prices to continue climbing, but don’t expect rates to be hiked as a result

13th November 2015

The housing market has always been key to the UK economy. People who move house tend to undertake home improvements, and strong... Continue reading

Video: Why has almost everyone been wrong on UK Gilts?

21st October 2015

Since 2008 it seems almost everyone has been wrong about duration. Most investors have expected interest rates in the UK and US to... Continue reading

Growing Pains

15th October 2015

Global growth weakest since 2008, but will it rebound as the IMF expects? The atmosphere at the most recent round of biannual IMF... Continue reading